View Full Version : Vinyl Discoloration with Cover On

06-27-2010, 10:19 AM
I've got a 2005 Maristar 245 with the cream and silver vinyl. The cream will turn red on all of the top surfaces with the cover on: the sun area on the back, the top of the back seats, the top of the front bulkhead seat,... The cover is the original black Mastercraft and it is getting old but still in good shape. The really strange thing is that the discoloration fades completely after a few hours in the sun. I'm in South Texas and it's not like the sun is hotter here than anywhere else, but it sure feels like it is.

The vinyl feels fine and is soft the way it should be. The boat is parked outside under some oak trees and there are a lot of cedar out here but I don't think that is contributing to the issue.

Is there possibly some issue with the cover? Maybe a fungus or something? Is there a recommended treatment for the cover? I've never done anything but put it on the boat and then take it back off.

Any thoughts are appreciated.