View Full Version : Stereo Problems/Weirdness!

06-21-2010, 07:50 AM
Hi All,

Hopefully someone will have some ideas for me on my current stereo
problems. Here is some background that is required.

I have a 2002 X-7 with the Clarion Stereo Option with 2 speaker cans
up on the rack. At the end of last season, I noticed that my upper
speakers had quick working but the rest of the system seemed fine.
At the beginning of this season, I went through the boat and found
that one of the inline fuses for the stereo amps (25 amp fuse) was
blown. I was hoping this was the problem and replaced that fuse.
After I did this, the whole system was clearly in trouble. It would
be on for a couple of seconds then shut off. It would then come back
on after a couple of seconds being off. It would do this over and over.
My assumption on this is a fried amp. Therefore, I removed the 25 amp
inline fuse to take that amp off-line for now. This seemed to allow the
lower half of the system to work ok.

This brings me to the problem that has me puzzled right now. Very
intermittenly, when playing the stereo, it will suddenly stop playing and
I get a buzzing alarm type sound from the dash. I will need to put my key
to the off position to get it to stop. When I turn things back on, everything
seems fine. I can go 10 minutes or hours until this will happen again. Does
anyone have any ideas? Hoping to get any ideas before spending money on
this that I really should not spend right now.

06-21-2010, 08:11 AM
Sorry, I should have added another detail. When I get the alarm from the dash,
seems to happen only when I am moving. I have not had this happen when I am
just sitting in a cove somewhere. Therefore, I really did not think that it could be
the low battery indicator. I'll take a voltmeter with me next time I go out, likely
Friday, and check voltage on the battery after it happens.