View Full Version : Technical help - strange Check Engine alarm today

06-20-2010, 05:35 PM
All - been a while since I posted.

My son left the ignition in the on position overnight so when I went to start the boat today - she was dead. Not the end of the world, I simply charged it up for fifteen minutes and it started - no issue. The boat was in the elevated position on my lift and I lowerred it immediately and just as it touched the water, the alarm sounded with "check engine" flashing on the message screen. I had enough draft at that point and the motor wasn't warm in the least so I though it might have been the water pump stuck or the depth sounder sensing somthing shallow off the lift. I backed the boat out of the mooring and took it out on plane in my bay and the alarm still wailed. I stopped the boat, turned it off, then started it where the alarm had cleared itself ....so I planed out again and about a minute later, the alarm was wailing again with the "check engine" message flashing again. When I repeated the on/ off sequence again and it started wailing again, I pushed the "display" toggle on the instrument clusted this time and the alarm stopped..hmmm I said that's interesting....and then about 5 minutes later alarm sounded again and I pushed the "display" button and it stopped again - this time for my twenty minute ski with the kids. All through this, the boat was never warm, in deep water with oil pressure perfect - it simply ran great.

Any theory as to what went wrong out there?

06-20-2010, 05:44 PM
You might need to charge the battery longer than 15 minutes. Although that started the boat after being completely dead, may have to charge longer as I bet the system is still sensing a low battery charge...like if you listen to the radio for to long.