View Full Version : Rule bilge pump wiring dia.- help

06-19-2010, 08:09 PM
My 1500 Rule bilge pump & float switch were working fine until I got too aggressive w/ some bilge cleaning-wires came loose, old splices, etc. To begin troubleshooting, I jumped a hot 12V lead to the brown wire near the top of the pump and the pump works so the ground (black next to brown)must be good.
Behind the dash I have the 3 position, 3 terminal switch for Off, Manual and Auto w/ a wire to each side plus an always hot 12V lead to the center of the switch-total 3 wires. Both the manual and auto wires lead down into the bilge. The always hot goes to the battery
The float switch has 2 black wires that seem to be for the mercury switch(?) inside - a make or break switch I assume?
So any guidance on how the 2 wires from the dash switch and the 2 wires from the float switch come together onto the brown pump lead??
Did a brief search here plus looked at the Rule website - didn't see my answer.