View Full Version : What prop to use for a 94 Barefoot 200

08-20-2004, 01:35 PM
I bought a "94 Mastercraft Barefoot 200 with a Yamaha Pro engine. What would be the best prop to put on the boat and pitch of the prop? I have heard a 4 blade stainless steel with a 19 pitch or what about aluminum? What did those boats originally come with? My brother just cracked up a prop that he put on it, but it wasn't good out of the hole.

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Sam Gottlieb

08-20-2004, 01:40 PM

What pitch did he crack up that was not good out of the hole? 21?

08-20-2004, 01:49 PM
I just sold my Barefoot 200 and over the last 8 years I owned it I had done some experimenting with props and here is what I found:

First prop 13 3/4 X 17 3 blade stainless - great hole shot, fair top end, about 52 mph trimmed out.

Second prop 14 X 18 4 blade stainless - good hole shot, good top end, about 55 mph trimmed out. This prop had a funny "shift" in rpm's at about 20 mph so it was bad for wakebording.

Third and last prop 13 3/4 X 19 3 blade stainless - good hole shot, great top end, about 59 mph trimmed out. I weigh about 210 and this prop would still yank my arms pretty good during long deep water starts. It keep the rpm's down a little verse the the others. This was the prop I ended up leaveing on the boat all the time.

T Scott
08-23-2004, 10:44 PM
Ditto on Footin's results. I also have a 1994 Barefoot 200 with a Pro V Yamaha. I have a 3 blade 19 and run 61mph @ 6000rpm on GPS. I can keep up with my buddies 2002 Ski Nautique out of the hole and will smoke him from there. I also have a 17P 3blade that adds a ton of holeshot, but redues top end to around 54mph. The 19P gives me plenty of holeshot, so that is the one I leave on most of the time.
If I am planning a trip down the river, I put on a 3 blade 21P. I can get 63mph with it @ 5800rpm. It lowers the rpm's at cruising speeds (45 mph) and saves a little gas. :twocents: