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06-15-2010, 09:49 AM
Good Day Members,

We are planning to re-organize the Team Talk forum in the coming months.

Because of the wealth of information, self-help advice, data and images essentially scattered amongst the various threads, it is best served if this valuable content is better organized and positioned for ease in finding, viewing, downloading, linking and sharing. The objective is to organize and optimize the content on the Team Talk forum whereby it is easier to find and locate specific and relevant topic information. This effort will enable the deflection of frequently asked questions, redundant thread/post answering, duplicate content threads, etc. Ultimately, this project effort will streamline the board while optimizing the content-

As a model of what this effort will "look like", the Drive Accord Honda Forums is a good example of how thread content can be organized: http://www.driveaccord.net/forums/index.php

And, we need your help. As we start to plan the different sections - or "buckets" of content, we will create a strawman outline of what the thread catagories will be - share this here, get feedback and advice - obtain agreement and then, start the process of sorting and combining threads, etc. Our Moderators will be engaged in the process and will help this effort to become successful - ultimately, benefiting us all-

Many Thanks,