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06-13-2010, 02:28 PM
Went to CHL with my dad for the annual trip his church takes. It is the Father / Son weekend of camping, boating, tubing, etc for a bunch of dads and kids that never do this stuff. I generally drive up from ATL and meet him to help cook for the 90+ that come, drive a boat, etc. This year just wasn't my dad's year. On the way up from Nashville, he pulled over to find that his trailer tire was about to burst. Changed the tire only to get to the exit and have his truck overheat. Luckily I was already there and went to meet him and pull his boat the rest of the way. Then we unloaded the boat only to find that the kill switch he just had replaced was not working properly and it would not let the boat start. Then we couldn't put it back on the trailer b/c one of the bunks had broken. We called my father in law who met us at the ramp with new boards, drill, and other tools to replace the bunks. I didn't take my boat this year b/c they had an extra boat they just needed a driver. So I drove a 1977 runabout that had not been driven in years. It ran great but the gears were messed up so it was either fwd or reverse. No idle and it was starting in gear. I was making due but then it started taking on water. We made it through the day only to have a afternoon thundershower drench us. Other than that, it was a great time for this son with his father.

PS - I stopped in at Aqua Sports the new MasterCraft dealer for Middle TN that is located in Smithville. Great time visiting with Sandy and looking at the new boats. That X-80 is rediculously huge.

07-04-2010, 01:42 PM
next time you on Center Hill look me up