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06-07-2010, 09:16 AM
1995 Maristar 225 VRS, LT1

OK, Something broke. Did a wakeboard run, stopped to switch riders. Brand new beginer, never skied or boarded before.

Boat started up just fine, set perfect pass to beginner speed, put in gear, Give it gas.....Nothing, still at idle.

Turn perfect pass off, give it gas....Nothing Still at idle.

Pull in the rope, new rider is now in the boat. Explained that the first session is really about getting the board on and off and practicing the start.

It will go into forward, but only Idle. It will go into reverse and act just fine. Now I'm thinking about a 2 mile idle back to the dock. So it's swim time while I double check the throttle cable and brackets on the back of the shifter.

Throttle cable is moving the linkage at the throttle body, so that seems fine. However, I notice the wife is really leaning towards the floor when moving the throttle forward.

Instead of the normal shifter range, the throttle is going was past it's normal control range. Idle is at the 9PM postiion as you look at the shifter from the side. That would normally be WOT. Contine past 9 PM towards the 6 PM position and you get normal throttle control. Reverse still acts normal. Nuetral is not acting right though. If you pull the knob, it now sticks out far enough to block the shifter. Not sure if it ever stuck out that far because the shifter would not go that far forward before.

Get back to the dock, go to load boat on trailer and now reverse will not engage, the shifter will not move to reverse.

I looked at the back of the shifter, forward and reverse cables are firmly attached, nothing loose. I can't tell if something is broke or missing on the shifter.

Is it normal for the shifter control to break? 15 year old boat...I can't think of what else it could be, help?

06-07-2010, 09:46 AM
What your describing sounds like the same thing that happened to me when the PP servo string broke... First thing to check when the throttle has too much slack is the tension adjustment on the PP servo. If it is too loose it will prevent the throttle from opening beyond just an idle.

If your string is broke here's what I did to fix mine. Cut what you need from one of the wife's blinds. (those pull cords are about the same quality)

I tied a knot in one end and then used some 2 part epoxy to attach it to the knob. (don't bother trying to dig out the old epoxy, just use one of the other two cavities in the knob)

You can get the little sleeve to attach cable and string at a hardware store. Just take the old stuff in with you to match up the size. (Use a chisel and hammer to crimp the new one)

06-07-2010, 09:47 AM
Open the motor box and remove the shift cable from the transmission, then try to shift it manually. If the throttle won't move easily, you may have a bad throttle cable or the control has problems with the linkage. Remove the throttle cable from the throttle body and with the transmission in forward, move the lever manually. It should increase the RPM.

You said the throttle lever moves- shut it off and remove the flame arrestor- move the throttle lever and look at the throttle plate- if it doesn't move, you need to look into why.

06-07-2010, 08:30 PM
OK, lost about 4 lbs sweating, but found the PP servo was broke. Thanks JLeuck64.

Time to replace string and vent hose that crumbled when I looked in that direction...

06-10-2010, 02:04 PM
I just spoke with Mark at Perfect Pass. Great customer support! ( yes, because I'm getting a replacement part )

He took the time ask questions and confirm my planned repair was the correct approach.

He ended the call with, " I'll send you a replacment cable"

You just have to share service like this.

Thanks Rob