View Full Version : Line-X and 3M 4200

05-27-2010, 06:24 PM
Do any of you know if Line-X and 3M 4200 are compatible?

Long story short, I rebuilt my fiberglass swim platform for my '79 Skier and am going to get it Line-X'ed, but would like to seal it to the transom with 4200 or something similar in addition to using the factory lag bolts and thru-bolting / adding a backing plate on some of the bolts. Thought about gel coating it again, but it require totally removing the corners and reshaping a lot of it as a previous owner had obviously docked by feel a few too many times - that and I got tired of almost falling into the marina a few time while putting the cover on!

Anyway, I've been in contact with the local Line-X rep and they're not sure so we're going to do a test patch on a scrap piece of Line-X'ed material and see what happens.