View Full Version : Need Dia tube on a 2006 X30 to buy a new CompTech rack for a Sky Ski?

michael freeman
05-26-2010, 05:05 PM
I am ordering a new Sky Ski and evidently the Comptech rack arms are not compatable with the older 2006 X-30 tower design/stock rack and I need to buy a complete Pivoting Comptech Rack with an adapter to mount my SkySki on the tower. (My tower is the one before the billet tower came out for the 2007 boats.)

I need to know the diameter of the tube where the mastercraft racks are mounted on my tower. Does anyone know this measurement or know if it is the same dia as the tube used above and below the rack on the tower. I seem to remember the rack completely covering the mounting portion of the tube, but if that is not the case, I can measure it tonight. ( I am at work trying to place the order my new Sky Ski and rack and wanted to see if anyone may already know the answer.)

On a side note, I am looking at ordering the following from Lonnie at CINCH:
(I think Lonnie covered the bases)

2010 Sky Ski Launch, Evo, Max Air Front Wing, 39" Foil Assembly (new stronger board)
SS Foil Cover
CINCH FootStays
CINCH Max lap belt
Deep V Handle Attachment
Comptech Release
2010 Comptech Rack (for thicker board)

I will see if I can change my handle to FacePlant to better match my learning experience as I try to use this equipment. :)