View Full Version : Another depth finder question

05-26-2010, 12:18 AM
When I bought my 06 X45 in December of 08, the depth finder initially worked. The water temperature however, was never right. It really pretty much read the same as the air temp and still does to this day. I have the infamous 'BAD' reading on the depth finder. At first it was intermittent, and now it is permanent. I really like knowing how deep the water is, even though most the time the water I go in is clear enough to know when I am in trouble.

I have checked the cable and it seems free of any kinks.

So why is my water temp actually the same as the air temp, and how can I get my depth finder to work?

Yes, I gave my dealer a chance to fix it. I took it to them after I had it for 1 month. They gave me a 30 day warranty on everything, and that is part of why I bought the boat. Their answer was that they would have to take it to the lake to figure it out...which didn't quite make sense to me. The depth finder on my old boat read 2.6 feet when it was on the trailer, so water is not really necessary to make these things function.

06-30-2010, 07:29 PM
It worked today for about an hour. Then it went to BAD again. It was exciting since it had not worked for so long. But alas, it stopped. Still thinking about just replacing the transducer.