View Full Version : steering cable clamp

05-24-2010, 11:22 PM
The steering on my Maristar 200 has always been a little tighter than I liked, especially when it gets closer to the end of each directionÖ..it kind of sticks. Decided to order a new cable but I couldnít find a part number on the end of the cable. Figured I could pull it out in about an hour, but three hours later I had it out. Had to remove the back seat, take up the center floor panel and lift up the gas tank a little to get it out. There is no part number on the cable that I can see, so Iím sending pics and dimensions to skidim.com. I noticed that the clamshell clamp that holds the cable in front of the rudder would not budge with just hand pressure. Iíve replaced a cable on my direct drive years ago put I canít remember how loose the clamp was. Should it be free to swivel on the ball when all 3 screws are tightened down? There was grease in the clamp and the allen screw on the bottom half was not adjusted in too far. I was wondering if the clamp was not free to swivel, it might be putting the cable in a bind at each end? I was working by myself and didnít check the clamp when the wheel was turning. Plus I sat on my glasses so there goes another $150 :mad:

05-25-2010, 03:54 PM
I guess no one has checked before??? Vince at skidim said that it should be free but I'm still not sure how "free". Doesn't matter, I ordered a new clamp and cable. I'm not spending 2 or 3 hours putting all of this back together with any old parts.