View Full Version : Vibration. Bent drive shaft coupler?

05-23-2010, 01:29 PM
I recently found bottom hard and bent the running gear under my 85 stars and stripes. After replacing the shaft-side coupler, shaft, shaft strut and prop, I have a vibration between 1400-1600 rpm. After trying to do the alignment procedure I think I might have a bent shaft coupler on the transmission side. I have an approx .003 gap that moves around when I rotate the shaft coupler. Doesn't stay at one position making me think it's not alignment.

I think I might have bent the transmission side coupler when I was trying to press the old shaft out of the old coupler? I used the method recommended on the site where I put a socket between the couplers and then bolted the couplers back together to press out the shaft. I had to really crank down on the bolts and coupler before the shaft finally popped out. Is it possible that I bent the transmission side coupler? Has anyone seen this happen? Other reason I suspect it's the coupler is if I loosely bolt the couplers together and run the shaft around at the problem rpm there's no vibration. Only when I tighten the surfaces together.

Anyone know where I can get a new coupler for the transmission side or how to check to see if it's still true? I have an 1985 with the powerslot transmission.

Thanks for any advice.

05-23-2010, 01:50 PM
You can always try here or a MC dealer, http://www.elberts.com/system.htm