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05-20-2010, 01:53 AM
Hey all,

Looking to put an aftermarket system into my 02 X10 pretty quickly here. 2 tower speakers, 10" sub, and an amplifier to run the whole system. Do any of you have any experience or knowledge of the following items that I have looked into?

-Wetsounds SST-65 tower speakers
-Audison SRx5 amplifier
-Roswell Vamp Spin Pro tower speakers

What is a respectable price range to pay for 2 tower speakers, 10" sub, 5 channel amplifier, wiring, and installation? I wish I knew enough electrical to be able to install the system myself, but I don't have that knowledge. The 1 quote I have received so far was $2,000 CDN + installation for the 2 Wetsounds speakers, Audison 5 channel amp, 10" Hertz subwoofer and box, and wiring.

Lastly, if anyone reading is from Vancouver, BC, Canada...where are some good places to get boat audio installs done? I have only found 2 shops...Ralph's Radio in Vancouver, and Tournament Boats in Abbotsford that do installs. Thanks for your time!

Big Dogg
05-20-2010, 02:05 AM
Wetsounds always makes good products so you will never go wrong there. I dont know anything about that amp, but my suggesting vs running one 5 channel run 1 2ch to the sub (bridged) and 1 4 channel on your towers (bridged) or 1 speaker per channel giving you the option of more tower speakers. Because as we all know when you redo your audio system and you dont go big the first time, you will want bigger down the road. Also it gives you more options to tune with. By running one amp you can only tune your towers and sub off that one amp, limiting your options. With two separate amps gives you more ability to dial in your highs to project your tower speakers to the rider, and more lows to beat that bass. Also I highly recommend independent volume controls for your towers vs cockpits. Its amazing to be able to let your rider hear the music and not blast your ppl in the boat. I also dont know anything about the Roswells but have heard good things through the grapevine. However where I wanted to add most input is that a year ago I knew nothing about stereo installs, but I did not have the money for a multi thousand dollar upgrade and install from a dealer. So I did my homework and bought all my speakers amps subs and tower speakers after doing extensive research and price shopping. After that I did extensive research on installs and how to power what where and how. There is a ton of info on the net and on this site, which is where I learned the most. I did my install myself and I got amazing results that I have been told can rival most professional installs. I take great pride in my work, so I spent the time and research to get it right. I did not want to go back and think well I should have went bigger. You can do it yourself, save the jingle for your pocket and add an additional set of tower speaker for what you would spend on the install.

05-20-2010, 02:11 AM
The Guy who does the installs @ tournament boats is AWESOME...his name is Gord and he has done all my stereos as well as all my friends boats.There is another place in Maple Ridge called Diamond Stereo but Gord is the Best! Good Luck.

05-20-2010, 11:50 AM
The SST-65 tower speakers are a standard coaxial speaker and don't have the horn load compression drivers. They won't project anything like the HLCD speakers (Pro 60s, Pro 80s, 485). I'm relatively new to the stereo stuff too, but I've done a ton of research in the past 6 months to save myself a considerable amount of money. If you're on a tight budget, I'm sure the SST-65s will suffice. I have two Pro 60s and a Pro 485 on my tower being pushed by a Wet sounds Syn6. It's unreal whether you're wakeboarding at 20mph or skiing at 35mph. You can youtube Wet Sounds and see some cool videos.

I can't comment on the Roswell speakers b/c I have no experience with them. I have also never heard of Audison amps (which doesn't mean anything), but a good quality amp makes A LOT of difference in how the speakers sound. Definitely an area you don't want to take shortcuts in.

There is some great info on this board about stereos. I learned a lot from using search here, from hands on experience, and from here: http://www.bcae1.com/

It's more simple than you may think, and you might just be able to do it yourself with the right guidance.

05-20-2010, 02:12 PM
Audison makes great sound quality AB amplifiers (really consume alot of current). Great for a vehicle. Its not a budget product. So with that in mind, given that its a boat and with the advent of really high quality and extremely efficient Class D fullrange amplifiers, why not look into something with real benefits relating to boating from Alpine or JL Audio.

The Roswells use conventional in-boat speakers as do the WetSounds SST-65s. I think you'd be more satisfied with one pair of HLCDs on the tower that are correctly powered. You're going to find it hard to get a single 5 or 6-channel amplifier that has enough power on two channels to correctly run a pair of HLCDs. So you would normally split this into two amplifiers. For example, a 4-channel to run the sub and four in-boat coaxials plus a second 4-channel bridged to run a pair of HLCD tower speakers.

In the U.S. you would be around $1700.00 for a pair of WetSounds HLCD tower speakers, two JL Audio XD 4-channel amplifiers plus a JL Audio 10-inch subwoofer in a waterproof marine enclosure less wiring and before a packaged deal.

I'm not sure how that translates to Canadian value but I think the selection and configuration is better, especially if you expect to project to wakeboarding range.

Earmark Marine

05-20-2010, 09:08 PM
I agree going with the HLCDs I have 2 pair of Krypt audio 6.5s in a double blunt set up. They project out to about 80' and are very clear and tight. As for the amps, if you have a dry location it isn't that important to use marine amps. I am running 2 monoblock 1000 watt amps 1 to run 2 12" rockford fosgate subs and one to run 3 kicker free air 10" subs. For the Krypt tower speakers I am running a Phoenix Gold 1000 watt 4 channel amp wired at 2ohm, I have set the towers speakers on the rear channel of the amp and I am running 4 polk audio db651s inside the boat on the front channel. As for a head unit, I really like Alpine marine units. I am using the alpine cda 9886m player with Ipod connection with two RF remote commander controls, one next to the driver and one on the transom. These are very convenient as you dont have to have line of sight to control the head unit they use an RF signal to control everything that the head unit does. As for wiring and installing, it is very easy if you have average DIY skills, positive to positive, neg to neg etc.... just remember to disconnect the battery before you do anything! And on the topic of batteries, if you are going to pound all day I recommend running at least 2 deep cycle group 27 batteries with a switch between them and upgrading to a higher output alternater.

05-21-2010, 09:57 AM
I have the Wetsounds on my tower. (2) pro 80's and a 485 . Its very loud, and clear.
I plan on putting the wetsounds in boat speakers when funds are available.
My current in boat speaker are (2) 10" subs, on in the the foot panel, and the other in the space behind the judges seat. mY cabin speakers are Kicker KS650 and they are very clear and loud also.