View Full Version : Exile XM7's on the XSTAR

05-17-2010, 10:10 PM
Thought I would share my experience with the new set-up. Bottom line is I love it...the Exiles are loud, clear, and not to harsh with the ability to dial them in. I just posted this over on wakeworld, but wanted to share with my fellow MC owners:


New Adds:
Exile XM7's (4)
Exile Harpoon Amp
Sony GT740UI Deck (4V Preouts)
XS Power D3100
ProSport 20amp - 3 Bank Charger
SurePower Isolator
Upgraded 0G and 4G Wiring

Existing Set-Up
Interior - Polk Audio running off Memphis Audio Amp
Sub - Polk 12" in a ported box running off Polk Amp

Here are a couple pics I snapped of the end result: