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05-17-2010, 08:15 AM
If anyone can help i am confused on what speed and proper length of rope for a wakeborder beginer. Also does the rope handle really matter for a beginer?:confused:

05-17-2010, 08:18 AM
I use the standard rope length that came with my Straightline rope. I believe it is 75 feet long. It is adjustable for when you need to take of sections to hit the sweet spot of the wake. A wakeboard rope should be non-stretch (vs. ski ropes which have some stretch in them).

05-17-2010, 08:22 AM
What about speed??

05-17-2010, 08:29 AM
For beginners, I would keep the speed fairly slow. It also depends upon the age of the person being pulled. I tow my daughter anywhere from 16-18MH, depending upon weight in boat (old boat, no perfect pass or ballast). She only weighs about 90 lbs so it does not take much. Slower the better at first.

Google and you fill find out some very specific information.

05-17-2010, 08:30 AM
thanks Any info is good

05-17-2010, 09:01 AM
As suggested, start slow. Actual speed and line length are dependent on the shape of your wake which of course depends on hull shape and ballast.

I suggest for a beginner that you find the slowest speed where your wake has a clean lip. Probably around 18 to 20 mph. Then let tie the line to the tower and throw it out behind the boat. Pull the line in so that the handle is next to the part of the wake with a clean lip (no white wash). You should ride at that length or shorter. It will probably be around 55 to 60 feet at a slow speed.

As you add ballast, the nice part of the wake will begin to move farther away from the boat and you will need to go faster to get a good lip.