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05-12-2010, 12:15 AM
New to the forum and have already tried searching this but none of the results really seems to answer my question.

I have a 2003 X-30 with 350 hours on it, and its been a great boat and we are truly enjoying it. However the last few months whenever I go out on the boat I get a loud beeping noise. The beeping is usually started around idle or low rpms or when the boat is entirely off and we are listening to music (I've never noticed it coming on at higher rpms but it might once in a blue moon) So the fact that it still beeps when the boat is off l;eads me to believe i can rule out the oil pressure sending unit. In my mind that leaves the Low voltage alarm, However when I look at the voltage gauge it appears to be good. Simply turning the ignition switch off and on will kill the beep and it wont come back for a while... so this confuses me, if it was a low voltage wouldnt it come right back on? It always starts fine and seems to have ample battery. Where is the "beeper/alarm" located at?

THANKS in advance for any help!

05-12-2010, 10:58 AM
To be safe, I would have it checked out by your dealer but if you turn the key to on (without starting) and you get a beep, it is likely a low voltage alarm. You can search "battery" and "alarm" and "low voltage alarm" and get several threads on the subject. This happened to me on my 07 X1 and I had to disconnect the battery and put it on charge (even though it was cranking fine) then the alarm went away. I may have been able to just disconnect and re-connect the battery and that would have done it.