View Full Version : What is this sound???

05-11-2010, 06:01 PM

Got a strange sound from the tranny/shaft log area today, I hear it when ideling in forward gear, it dissapears in reverse and come increasingly back when in forward. It sounds like it's coming from the shaft log area. I wonder if the shaft zink anode has come loose? I'll undo the shaft coupler tomorrow and look at the alignment. There's no danger in putting the engine in gear with the shaft coupler apart is it??

05-12-2010, 01:06 AM
First I would have someone drive the boat and put a long screw driver on the tail of the tranny and place your ear on the handle of the screw driver. If you can hear the bearrings in the transmisson then it is in there.

I would disconnect your shaft from the back of the tranny and put it in gear. I would not rev it up too much. I would also try forward and reverse. I also would wait until the transmission is completly stoped in neutral before going from forward to reverse. While you have it apart I would also try spinning the shaft by hand to see if you could get a noise out of it. If the boat is on a trailer I would spin it by hand and have a buddy by the strut to listen for a noisy strut bushing. Check your alignment to see if the strut and the log are in line. I would also spin the coupler by hand and try to feel if the bearrings are bad at the back of the transmission.

I bet that your noise will go away without any load on the shaft so you need to check as much of the shaft hardware first and see if everything is good. Make sure that the packing in the log is not too tight as this may cause some noise.

These are things that I would try. Good Luck

05-12-2010, 03:22 PM
The sound came from the tranny, moved the engine around to get the best possible alignment and no more strange sound;-) I guess the tranny still has got a bad bearing or something since the sound was there in the first place, but what the heck, hope it last trough the season;-)