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MC X-15
05-03-2010, 11:48 AM
So i was out this weekend pulling a rider with PP. I was on the PP screen pulling at 21 MPH and then flipped back to the main screen on VDIG and realized my speed said about 25 MPH. Clearly one is off and I think it was the boats speedo bc we were not going 25 MPH. How can i fix this problem for a more accurate read. I dont have a handhelf GPS but i do have a Garmin for the car. the boat is a 2008 MC X-15SS.

Any help would be great,

05-03-2010, 12:05 PM
There are 2 ways to set speed.

a) With a handheld GPS. If you have another Garmin it should give speed even though you are
not on a road. Make sure you set it a few time. 30 MPH is a good place to set speed.
b) Use a slalom course. I don't know the times off the top of my head. It has been discussed here before I am sure someone will chime in w/ times vs. speed

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MC X-15
05-03-2010, 02:21 PM
ok well ill try the garmin and if not get a hold of a handheld GPS. No slomon courses tyhat I know of in my area. Well i guess my next question how do I calibrate the speed through the boats speedo and PP, and once i find 30mph should I calibrate both PP and the actual boat speedometer?

05-03-2010, 02:45 PM
Setting speed with a stopwatch on a slalom course,
b) Entry gate to entry gate is 850", 36 mph, time is 16.08 seconds is ideal/exact, 15.92 (fast) to 16.22 (slow) seconds is within acceptable tolerance, per USA Water Ski, http://www.usawaterski.org/speedcontrol/images/Slalom-Timing-Chart-L-R.pdf

05-03-2010, 09:00 PM
I've been through this with my 09' VDIG. I can't make anyone else understand - but you can relate.

I have 3 event ZO in my boat as well.

First off, the speedometer calibration in the VDIG is only good for ONE speed. In other words - if you set it to be dead nuts at 21mph - it may be off at 9mph and 39mph. So choose appropriately.

So besides that being completely irritating......if you calibrate the speedometer for 21mph and its dead on with PP OFF....in other words you are reading 21mph off the VDIG speedometer.....and you are doing 3200rpm......

Turn PP on and now set 21mph......guess what.....you might suddenly see that you are doing 3080rpm or 3210rpm. Wacky. The VDIG speedometer reading is NOT aligned with the PP displayed speed.

Say it aint so....well it is.

Call PerfectPass - they don't want to "support" it. It isn't their product. Call Medallion.

Nobody at Medallion has a clue - they just took what PP wrote for them, put it in their box, and off it went.

MC and the dealer network thinks its a PP supported product, Medallion doesn't care, and PP really doesn't want anything to do with it as soon as you mention "V D I G"

Now I had dealt with PP many times before on support issues with genuine PP products, so after some small talk, I got info out of them.

THe garbage version of PP WBP that is in the Medallion VDIG box doesn't even sample or refresh as quickly as a "real" PP unit. They realized it when they wrote it, but didn't think it would be a big deal in this application.

So my 09' X2 had over 2 thousand dollars worth of speed control - and none of it did me any good. I ski on a river that has a current - but not all the time. And the river has 3 bridges.

ZO doesn't work in the current - unless you are a rocket scientist and sit there manipulating it to keep a constant width wake to adjust for going upriver, downriver, or being further up the river where the current is stronger. Not to mention when you go under a bridge - ZO doesn't have a HOLD mode - it just goes nuts when it loses sight of the sky. It rolls back to an idle, then surges, gets confused, then tears the arms off the rider as it tries to figure out WTH just happened.

As for the speed discrepancy between PP and VDIG speed? Nobody knows, but it exists. And I swear - I've calibrated speed on a day with no current - and matched it with 3 event ZO speed readout. Life would be good - until the next day. Then suddenly, everything was off again.

It's junk as far as real speed control goes.

What stinks is - "real" versions of PP cannot physically talk to the new E-controls ECM's. It HAS to go through the medallion box because medallion CAN talk to E-controls.

Frustrating, and most of the advice you get here is going to be from folks that do not have VDIG PP, do not understand the medallion, E-controls, PP, MC circus, and look at it a bit more simply than you do.

Or- they have VDIG, but dont really care about the discrepancy. Which is why the version probably passed muster to begin with - it wasn't like the product was meant for a discerning group of skiers that want .01 precision while chasing bouys.

I'd be happy with knowing what my actual speed is - so when people on here ask what speed I surf at on my X2 - it means something that can be passed along to another X2 owner.

I feel for you though. Good luck.

07-30-2010, 03:54 PM
I think this is related. My analog speedo says 23mph. My Vdig pp screen says 23 mph. My handheld garmin gps says 20mph. Ok, so I go to the vdig set up screen, select speedo calibration. It also says 20 mph. There is an icon on the right of the speed on the calib page that says 1024. No idea what that is, but it looks like something you can adjust.

So the vdig speedo calib page and gps are dead on, but analog speedo on dash and pp are 3mph faster. Anyway to adjust the latter?