View Full Version : MasterCraft Pro in NY a Success

06-22-2005, 11:20 AM
The MasterCraft Pro at the famous Corona Park's Meadow Lake in Flushing, N.Y. was a huge success for all involved this past weekend. The people of New York, who showed up in the thousands, were treated to the world's best water ski athletes and the international ski community was able to show off all their hard work to a whole new audience. Of course competing for a cash-prize purse totaling more than $140,000 was not too shabby either. "MasterCraft took its passion for water skiing and created the vision for this event in 1996, says John Dorton, president and CEO of MasterCraft. We are thrilled to have been a part of such a unique and sensational display of water skiing especially since it took place in the most famous site ever for a water ski event!"

The event took place June 17-19, with the first two days being qualifying rounds. With the finalists in place, Sunday turned out to be some of the best head to head competition seen in recent history! Four U.S. water ski athletes won titles June 19 as the 2005 MasterCraft Pro Water Ski Championships concluded. U.S. athletes Jamie Beauchesne, Freddy Krueger, Mandy Nightingale and Jimmy Siemers all earned titles in respective events.

http://www.tmcowners.com/photopost/data/559/MasterNYPost.jpgBeauchesne won Men's slalom over fellow U.S. athlete and world record holder Chris Parrish in a sudden death version of the Super Finals. After both athletes tied with 2 buoys at 41 feet off in the Super Finals, Beauchesne ran just 3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off in the subsequent runoff defeating Parrish who lost the handle coming around the 2 ball at 39-1/2 off.

Krueger, a MasterCraft sponsored athlete, successfully defended his title from the 2004 MasterCraft Pro, leaping 231 feet on his first attempt in his Super Finals' matchup against Canada's Jaret Llewellyn, who leaped 227 feet.

Nightingale won the Women's tricks title, tallying 7,790 points in defeating fellow U.S. athlete Regina Jaquess, who scored 7,110 points. Jaquess also finished third in Women's jumping with a leap of 155 feet.

Outside of collegiate competition, MasterCraft sponsored Jimmy Siemers hadn't won a major Men's tricks title since the 2003 Water Ski World Championships. He changed that Sunday in dramatic fashion by scoring 10,280 points in defeating France's Nicolas Le Forestier, who fell on both of his passes and finished with 7,070 points. Siemers earned the top seed in the Super Finals by tallying 11,210 points in the finals.

Australia's Emma Sheers swept the Women's slalom and jumping titles. She out-dueled U.S. athlete Karen Truelove in slalom, and Denmark's June Fladborg in jumping. Sheers scored 1-1/2 at 39-1/2 off to Truelove's 1 at 39-1/2 off in slalom, and leaped 170 feet to Fladborg's 155 feet in jumping.

Other U.S. athletes earning podium finishes were: Danyelle Bennett (Women's tricks/5,880 points), Marcus Brown (Men's slalom/5 at 39-1/2 off), Russell Gay (Men's tricks/10,610 points) and Mark Lane (Men's jumping/).