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01-02-2010, 10:22 AM
I've been interested in following the media buzz about the supposedly-upcoming Apple tablet computer because, if it's going to be what the rumors indicate, it will fill a useful niche for me.


10-inch screen, thin as current iPhone. It will function mostly as a media device, with both WiFi and 3G access via either CDMA or GSM carriers. Newspapers and magazines are already in a flurry working to create content formatted for this device. Likewise, ebooks will be a big part, as will iTunes purchase/content including music, movies, and TV shows. It will likely have all the functionality of an iPod Touch. There will be subscription to TV (Apple already negotiating with CBS and Disney) although that may fall through as these TV execs have shown over and over their inability to grasp the significance of online distribution networks for their (usually lame) products.

I do think Verizon will be part of this particular device. AT&T's network can barely handle iPhone traffic, let alone the bandwidth this thing will require. And Verizon has been touting its high-bandwidth network a lot lately, and is currently working far harder than current demand would suggest to get its LTE network up and running.

Just on the rumors of this device, Apple's stock has risen from $190 to $212/share. This is all very interesting - I think we're on the verge of another communication and information paradigm shift.

01-02-2010, 11:37 AM
I think the iSlate is going to be very neat. I am still uncertain if it will fit into a useful niche for me personally. MacRumors.com has been following its development very closely for the last month or so.