View Full Version : Zero Off (ZO) Upgrade for pre 2007 MC's

12-21-2009, 06:11 PM
FYI: As most of you may already know, pre 2007 MC's are currently not capable of being upgraded to ZO.

Good news forthcoming, I hope! I have been corresponding w/Phil at MC to ”encourage” them to champion a ZO upgrade effort with Indmar. In the interim, Jody Seal, at Florida Inboards, has been working w/CC and PCM and have currently developed a ZO conversion for their 02-06 SN. The conversion cost is “up to” $5k (includes ~$1.6K for ZO) for non DBW/mechanical boats and less expensive for DBW boats. So now we know it can be done! There is more info on Jody’s efforts on the Water Ski forum… http://thewaterskiforum.com/forum.html

Hopefully, MC and Indmar will work on a ZO conversion solution soonest and will provide us a DIY kit that will be more economical than $5K??!! This is potentially great news (depending on cost) for us frustrated tournament skiers who ski ZO at tournaments but can only practice w/PP, SG, etc, because our older MC boats are not currently capable of being upgraded! mac