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12-09-2009, 10:31 AM
I actually cannot find a good 'how to' on protecting an 8.1 L engine from freezing, so here is my poor attempt at explaining it. I was taught by the head mechanic at Utah Water Sports when I bought my boat. I scribbled the directions down on some scrap paper, so I wanted to get these directions scrubbed and cleaned before I print them up and laminate it. Then I will place it in the boat with the registration, etc so that I will have it next year.

Keep in mind that this is not a full winterization. I sometimes will ride in the winter and need to drain the block to protect from freezing in between runs. In all honesty, I probably do not need to do that where I live, but would like to be sure. The boat sits in a detached garage with no heat. It stays warmer than the outside for sure, but if it stays above freezing threshold, I am not sure. I kept a bowl of water on the swimstep during a cold snap last year, and it did not have any ice on it, but it does sometimes get colder than that. Outside this morning, my dog's bowl had 1/4 inch of ice on it. For kicks, I have another bowl of water on the swimstep now, and there is no ice on it. I do know that where I live, the local dealer does multiple cracked blocks every spring, maybe more than other places, because you can sometimes get away without removing the water for the entire winter.

Anyway, I would appreciate any help with getting the terminology straight, and see if it seems that there would be anything else that needs to be done.

Draining water from 8.1 L engine

1. Remove the port side brass block drain plug (9/16 bolt).
2. Disconnect the shower and heater hose at the engine.
3. Disconnect the lower water pump hose.
4. Disconnect the port exhaust manifold hose (brass hose fitting)
5. Drain the muffler – 3/8 bolt on the port end of the horizontal tube. Be careful, this is just fiberglass, and don’t drop the washer that is with it.
6. Go to the starboard side and drain the 7/16 tranny cooler bolt
7. Disconnect the lower impeller hose where it meets the tranny cooler.
8. Remove the starboard side brass block drain plug (9/16 long socket wrench will be useful for this).
9. Blow out the heater hose, then turn on the shower and blow out the shower as well.
10. Put all of the hoses and plugs back on. Use Teflon tape to help seal the drain plugs.

east tx skier
12-09-2009, 11:18 AM
I'm not familiar with that particular engine, but I check/do a few other things if you aren't using antifreeze.

1. Disconnect the safety lanyard and turn the engine over a few times so that the impeller can kick the extra water out of the pump housing.

2. Leave the hoses and plugs disconnected and reconnect in the spring.

3. What about your exhaust riser drain plugs?

4. Also, use a piece of coat hanger to make sure those drain locations are clear of rust.

12-10-2009, 12:26 PM
Thanks, Eastie.

I think that there are not any exhaust riser drains. I wonder if they trickle down through one of the other drainage points. On the port side, there is a hose that I disconnect in step #4 above, that does not have the same hose on the starboard side...wonder if that could be the exhaust riser. I wonder what that is about.