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10-16-2009, 08:05 PM
First time I am going to winterize and store the 82 SS outside under cover for the winter.
Wondering what others with these older boats do for winterization. I have pulled all the plugs and drained the engine and all water from the boat. I have read where some will run antifreeze through and others just drain, some plug the holes and keep antifreeze in over the months, etc. Any tips before putting this up for the winter would sure help ease my mind through the cold weather. Cleaned it, removed all seats and upholstery, boat will be completely dry before storing, plugs zip tied in bag to steering wheel for next year. Anyhing that will protect the boat in the winter and help with returning to the water next spring.

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10-16-2009, 09:11 PM
I use antifreeze if I know I will be too lazy to do any engine or performance tweaks before the next season (March / April). I mix two gallons to a 50 / 50 ratio, remove the hose from the top of the transmission cooler and run it about 800 - 100 RPM and fill with the mix until a tiny bit of green or pink (Auto or RV respectively) comes out the exhaust. Done deal.

If you are using the pink RV antifreeze, DO NOT MIX it 50/50! It should only be used full strength. If you are using this method, I'd also suggest that you drain the block first, then replace the drain plugs and run the engine to fill it with the full strength anti freeze. If you don't do the drain first, you will dilute the antifreeze down with the water that remained in the block and heads. Another method involves removing one of the small hoses to the exhaust manifolds and blocking the other. Use a bucket to hold the antifreeze....you still pull it out with the line from the trans cooler but put the small exhaust manifold hose in bucket as a discharge....this creates a loop. You may also want to run a search on winterizing for more complete info...fogging, oil change, impeller removal are all good ideas.