View Full Version : Another LT1 Thermostat question

10-16-2009, 11:24 AM
Dropped off my 94' Lt1 at the local shop and was talking with the mechanic at Tommy's. He has been with the dealer back in the days when they sold Mastercrafts and we started talking about the t-stats. I mention the two stats and being different in temp and he said that they should both be the same rating.....both to be 142's. I told him the owner's manual points out that there are two different ones, 160 and 142. He told me that they now recommend two equal ones because of some vapor lock issues occuring in the summer (at our 6000 elevation.)

Because it has reverse cooling, they were seeing issues during the summer with the engine vapor locking and the heat inside the engine box. To fix this issue, they used two 142 stats to get the engine compartment temperatures lower so as to minimize the vapor locks during the summer.

Sound reasonable? I was wondering if the engine would get warm enough to perform with the lower stats.

He also said they most likely sold my boat new back in 94' (when they were the local MC dealer....now Malibu) and he also said he was probably the one that got it originally set up. Kinda cool and he was also a little anxious to find out the history of the boat. He was going to research my VIN number out of curiosity. Kinda cool I thought.