View Full Version : Engine Timing on MC PS190 1994 - 350 Chevy

10-15-2009, 10:11 AM
I am replacing a blown head gasket on my 94 MC PS 190. I had a friend come over to check the timing before we started working on the engine. My buddy was trying to how to get the timing into base mode. He found the tan wire with a black stripe on it. He thought if he disconnected this wire it would put it into base timing mode.

Does anyone know if that's how you set timing to base mode?

Also if anyone has the specs on what the timing would be on my engine, that would be great. Again is a 350 chevy block, 1994.


I was the guy who had water in the oil. I pulled the plugs and found one of the plug had a bead of water on it and the ceramic piece inside the plug was rusted. So I believe it is definitely a blown gasket and hopefully not a cracked head.