View Full Version : Ignition Switch and Starter Problem

10-10-2009, 09:26 PM
I just recently bought a new to me 195 and have only been able to get it out once. Today while starting it today I noticed the ignition switch allows the key to be turned all the way around (i.e. you can continue to turn to the right part the start position and all the way back around). Is this normal? I wouldn't think so. As a result I believe it got stuck in the start position and my starter began to smoke. I quickly turned the key to the off position and disconnected the battery just in case the switch was not in the right position. It appears I should replace the ignition switch since I can really tell which position it is in and you can actually turn it past or through the start position. Do you think the starter is cooked? I did try to turn it over one more time and it just constantly clicked.

Anyone know what starter I would need for the 5.7l TBI EFI? Will I need a special ignition switch or will a generic 3 pole work?


10-11-2009, 08:14 PM
Problem solved! I ended up replacing the ignition switch as the tumblers were messed up allowing the key to be turned all the way around and not releasing from the starting position. This caused the starter to stay engaged while the engine was running and fouled it.