View Full Version : Chris Parrish sets a record behind a MasterCraft!

06-08-2005, 02:30 PM
MasterCraft Pulls Chris Parrish to Another World Record

Vonore, TN --- After eight years of ties and near-misses, the men’s slalom world record was unofficially shattered this past weekend at Trophy Lakes in John’s Island, South Carolina. Chris Parrish used the tournament’s first round to tie his former record of 1.25 buoys at 43 off, then set the new bar in round two with a full two buoys off the 9.75m rope – a length more than six feet shorter than the distance to the ball.

Parrish, skiing behind a MasterCraft Tournament Team ProStar 197 with MasterCraft’s new digital throttle control, not only broke the record, but qualifies for a $25,000 check from MasterCraft for his efforts.

“We put the $25,000 up for just this purpose,” said MasterCraft president and CEO, John Dorton. “We believe that by putting the incentive out there, not only do we push the athletes to perform at the highest level, but we push ourselves to do more, too. Now, we’ll use what we’ve learned from Chris’ incredible run to design and build the next world record tow boat – and keep the innovations coming.”

The event, hosted by H2Osmosis Sports (www.h2osmosis.com), was another long string in which MasterCrafts have pulled skiers to personal bests and world records at Trophy Lakes. Previous world record holder Jeff Rodgers set his 1 @ 43 off at the MasterCraft-exclusive site.