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10-03-2009, 10:36 AM
I recently purchased an 07 TT & I'm curious what has changed over the decades with winterization. I used to have an older mid 80's Nautique & I always removed the thermostat prior to winterizing so that I knew for sure the antifreeze made it through the block & not just the exhaust manifolds. Is this still a required step?
Is there a punch list of things to do in order to properly winterize the boat? I also have a heater, what's required there?

10-03-2009, 09:39 PM
Well, you're in the right topic. A search here will find all kinds of lists on winterization.

There are two schools of thought.. those who add eco-friendly antifreeze, and those who drain everything. But neither school involves pulling the thermostat.

I find the right answer for me is a combination of the two.
I use RV antifreeze in the ballast system, the shower pump, and the heater core. I remove the hoses and plugs to drain the engine (as it states in the manual). Once you're all done, just crank it over once with the starter to make sure there's no water left in the raw water pump.

I remove the red and blue hoses. I hook up the shower, turn on the pump, open the faucet valves, and put compressed air through the two hoses until no water comes out the shower head. Then I put RV antifreeze down the hoses until it comes out the shower head, making sure there's absolutely no water in the system.

Heater Core:
I froze / broke one a few winters ago, so I'm extra cautious now. I remove both hoses at the engine, then stick one hose in a bucket of RV antifreeze and the other into my wet/dry vac's intake hose. I run the wet/dry vac until I'm getting pure RV antifreeze inside the vac. That way, I'm sure I won't burst another.

I drain all the water out, then pump RV Antifreeze into each tank, then drain the tanks. I do this a few times to ensure all water is removed. Then I finish off by pumping some rv antifreeze into the tanks.

We get colder than minus 40 here most winters, and this process has never let me down..

enjoy your boat!

10-05-2009, 10:49 AM
NeilM, do you store your boat outdoors in the winter? I've just finished (or almost finished) my first ever winterization. I opted not to put RV antifreeze into the engine block. I live in Winnipeg which gets colder than Calgary. My boat will be stored in my insulated, but non-heated garage this winter. that garage seems to be around -8 degrees C in the middle of winter.
I'm curious as to your opinion on putting RV antifreeze in the block if one had to store the boat outside where the temperature can get around -40 degrees C.


10-05-2009, 10:33 PM