View Full Version : Hurth transmission leak

09-29-2009, 05:08 PM
First let me give a big shout out to IronJay for his advice, and also Enginenut for his expert opinion. I found several threads on this problem which seems to plague the Hurth transmissions.
My engine side seal needed replaced, I had to take a picture to see it, but ultimately I had the classic oil in the bilge for no reason, I had every intention of removing the trans myself and replacing the seals, however I was unable to remove the prop shaft without the propshaft puller. We tried several slide hammers but couldnt get it to budge.
After several beers I called the dealer and asked how much? I explained to them that I literally had the bobcat next to the boat ready to remove the bolts and pull the trans, but couldnt get the prop shaft out he said if would cost around 250.00 to finsh the job. SOLD The moral of my story is do as much of the prep work and let them take the trans out and realign the shaft, then put it back together yourself. By doing this it saved me alot of money. Although I really wanted to pull it myself. Thanks Dusty at BOATWORKS in Taylorsville,KY