View Full Version : Maristar 210 VRS or X-2?

Daniel G.
09-27-2009, 10:34 PM
I am currently in the market for a Mastercraft V-drive. We have looked at a 2005 Maristar 210 VRS and a 2003 X2 205v- both have towers. We will be using the boat for recreational skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and as an all around family boat - so we definitely want a V-Drive and are trying to combine the best of all worlds - a great watersports boat with a fun and roomy family boat. A few questions that I would love some feedback on:

1. Will we notice any difference between the 310 RTP engine and the 350 MCX? How important is this?
2. I know the X2 has the 205V hull? Will we notice any difference for skiing or wakeboarding between the Maristar 210 hull and the X2 205V hull? Am I splitting hairs?
3. Any other V-drives in the 2004-2006 range that you might recommend?
4. What other factors should we consider (perfect pass, ballasts) that folks have found absolutely essential?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opinions. Dan