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09-13-2009, 04:32 PM
Couple of questions on the ballast set up on my boat (2000 X-star). It came from the factory with only the ski locker KGB ballast bag and I'm wondering how everything is hooked in. First off my problems are; no pump running when switch is in drain position, and I'm lost as to what pumps what. As far as i can tell there is a aerator style pump in the rear of the boat under the exhaust. about a foot up the line from this pump is something that I'm guessing is a one way check valve, which if it is, it isn't working because once the boat is on plane, or up on the lift you can watch the water run out of the intake. I'm pretty sure the large black pump in the center of the boat is the drain pump, but I'm curious why this pump is so much larger than the pump in the rear. Also wondering if there is a way to check to see if there is some kind of blockage in the vent because it does not seem to be working.

First picture is of the rear fill pump. Second picture is of the check valve? Third picture is of what i believe is the drain pump that is not working.

Again, thank you for any help anyone can give me, and I do apologize for all of the questions.

09-15-2009, 04:41 PM
Mine is a 1999

On mine I have the standard bilge pump In the section in the middle of the fuel tank. and My ballast pump is hooked to the drain hole in the same location.
I would say that the last picture shows your ballast pump. ( orange and black wires coming from )

the pump at the rear of the boat looks to be another bilge pump. ( one at the rear works good when on a plain )

and the center picture is of a check valve

hope this helps.

10-08-2009, 12:50 AM
My 02 X Star has reversible pumps. My center ballast pump is located under the rear seat and my two back ballasts (hard boxes) are bolted to the transom behind a carpeted access panel.

Can you trace where the hose goes to in the pump in the last picture? 2000 must be a different set up than 2002.

I can share my impellor in the pump gets stuck on occasion and will fill but not drain. I have to toggle the switch a few times to get it working again.

Good luck.