View Full Version : Tips for X-Star Surfing Setup?

08-31-2009, 01:20 PM
'04 X-Star. I'm a goofy, so trying to get a good surfing wake on the starboard side. Not getting that big clean wake that I see others getting on You Tube, etc. For ballast, I've been running starboard full and farting around with center ballast (full, and approx half full). Got some folks sitting on the starboard side and still not getting it. On the board, I get close to surfing (rope will slack now and then), but not quite good enough of a wake to go ropeless. From the water, I'm seeing a little water coming over the rear starboard edge of the swim platform. So, with that, any tips? Thanks for any input.

08-31-2009, 03:21 PM
buy a 750 lb x-series fat sack and throw it back there, then fill the starboard ballast only and have everyone sit on that side back in the cockpit, it'll be killer. (that's what I do for my '04 x-star except on the port and the wave is super fat, but you need the fat sac)

08-31-2009, 03:33 PM
Sounds like a good plan. Thank you sir!

09-01-2009, 10:51 AM
yeah man enjoy! i love surfing behind mine

09-01-2009, 12:34 PM
Yeah unfortunately the x-star is notorious for washing on the starboard side, you just have to go pretty heavy to clean up that prop wash.

09-01-2009, 12:43 PM
Think I'm going to get the two 400 pounder X fat sacs for the rear locker as the single 750 pounder seems too long at 50" (with my heater core right there). If that doesn't cut it, I'll have to consider a sac under a front seat I suppose. What's weird..I mean what's really weird is my wife is all for me spending more $ for sacs. You've got to know her and her common refrain "the kids need school clothes" or "we need groceries" to fully appreciate her desire to get a good wake at any cost. She learned to wakeboard back on Sunday, so she's all pumped about the boat. I must strike now while the iron's hot! Victory is mine!

Oh yea, since I used to sailboard all the time, I suspect I could switch to regular for wakesurfing if need be. I'll give it go next time out.....tomorrow is looking calm and warm.......

09-01-2009, 02:56 PM
On my '05 X-star I can't get a good starboard side surf wake, plus most of us ride regular anyway so the port side works much better.

I have a 400# sac in the back, fill the KGB and 5-6 people on that side. Still playing with speed, but somewhere around 11-11.5 works. Was wondering what speed others are running?

09-01-2009, 03:34 PM
Was wondering what speed others are running?[/QUOTE]

10.5-11.5 depending on how heavily the boats weighted

09-03-2009, 12:13 PM
Well got out for a bit yesterday. No extra bags yet. Just wanted to see if I could ride regular. No problem riding regular, so going to work to make the port side surfable. Thanks again for the tips!!

09-08-2009, 06:51 PM
We've got a 2008 Maristar with the X-2 package. We run (when only 3 of us in the boat) all ballast full along with 400 lb fat sacs in each rear locker and another 400 lb sac under front seats. The wave is great and I have heard some people say that if you get even more weight up front, the wave will end up being longer...allowing you to have more room to play???

09-08-2009, 06:56 PM
My V-Drive sacs should be here Thursday. Since the planet seems to be hurdling itself towards the sun, the forecast for Saturday is expected to be 95 degrees and a huge wake!! Going to try the full 800 in the port locker and throw a couple of 200-pounder buddies up front and see what's what. I have a good feeling about this.

09-10-2009, 02:01 AM
Put everyone in the back corner....the bigger guy gets the corner....fill your KGB and you should be good if you have a few big guys in the boat.... Post pics and let us know!

10-13-2009, 01:02 AM
I have learned that the x-star just likes lots of weight. I put 1200 in the back port compartment and then put another 540 on the port side under the seat. Then I actually fill all the factory ballast and put everyone on the port side. This makes a great wake even with just a couple peopel in the boat. It's huge when you start adding people.

10-13-2009, 06:36 PM
That's one fine wake!!

This angle makes mine look pretty small and, well, it is. This is with port filled, extra 400 in port locker and 300 or so at port mid ship. Just me and one friend in the boat. Will try all tanks and the full 800#s on port next season (with a few more folks in the boat):