View Full Version : need good advise on a conversion on a stars and stripes

08-04-2009, 06:09 PM
i have re done my 81 stars and stripes and had converted it to a fresh water cooled 350.now i have found a good deal on an 85 stars and stripes hull and would like to put all my stuff into it because it is bare .the key behind it all is i want the fiberglass stringes oposed to the wood in my 81... my question is the motor mounts on a 350 are about 3 inchs further foward than the 351 ,will the fiberglass stringers in a 85 work with that? i hear they are foam filled in sections and dont want a surprise. also will my tranny work? they are both power slots ..any helpful ideas would be great! thank you very much:rolleyes: