View Full Version : rebuilt the carb, now it dies

07-26-2009, 10:53 PM
rebuilt the carb, did everything correct (I think)

1. I turn it over (with choke almost closed) and it starts right up with a couple tries and the throttle forward (high rpm). it will run for about a minute and then just drops off and dies, then will not start for a bit. start it up again and then the same thing.

Choke opens up when it's running and i can see gas spraying into the primary barrels, when i close the choke some the engine revs up.

it won't run for very long, but it sounds good while it is running (cannot put it into idle, then it will die)

it will go back and forth for a few seconds before it dies

I've checked the fuel inlet screen and it is clear.

anybody have any ideas?