View Full Version : Alternator Belt Replacement

08-16-2004, 02:14 PM
Can anyone share the proper steps to replace the alternator belt on a '95 TBI 275 hp engine?

This is what I have so far:

1. As seen from the right (while facing the stern). To feed the new belt to the port side of the engine (through the cooling hoses), remove cooling hoses into/out of the raw water pump.
2. As seen from the left (while facing the stern). I think there are two ways to accomplish the feeding of the new belt to the starboard side of the engine (through the raw water pump bracket). (a) Remove the hex screw from below the raw water pump and feed the belt underneath it. (b) Remove the two screws that hold the bracket in place and feed the belt behind the bracket.
3. From what I can see, the alternator is mounted to the engine by two screws. One of the holes (top left) on the alternator bracket is round while the other (bottom left) is oval. I think the first hole holds the alternator in place while the second hole allows for lateral movement on the alternator while the belt is tensioned, then this screw is tightened.