View Full Version : 2007 X-2 tower problems

07-14-2009, 09:19 PM
I have an 07 x2. The tower is loose where forward pole inserts into forward mount on boat on driver side. I had a dealer try to tighten, but it loosened again immediately. Any ideas what it takes to fix this? Also is it hard to add the top corner brackets like on newer models? What do they cost? Thanks for your help.

07-14-2009, 09:27 PM
Tower braces should be warranted by the dealer!
As far as the tower arm, is it looses like it spins or is it loose like comming out of the mount?

07-14-2009, 09:57 PM
It does not spin or come out of the mount... yet. If I pull on it (from the side of the boat up where it hinges) it moves side to side about 1 to 2 inches. The one on passenger side is rock solid. I bought the boat used and it didn't have the tower braces. The biggest problem is I am about 4 hours from the nearest dealer so its not easy to have them look at it. Thanks for your help.

07-28-2009, 01:24 PM
I have the same problem on my 2007 197 TT. I took it all apart and their doesn't seem to be any way to tighten it. The passenger side is solid on mine as well.