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06-01-2005, 12:00 AM
Welcome back to Team Talk, the official page for MasterCraft enthusiasts! As you may have noticed, we took Team Talk offline for a few days in order to make some improvements. The first change we would like to point to is the new user agreement. Team Talk was originally set up to create a community of positive relationships where MasterCraft and non-MasterCraft experiences could be expressed. We believe Team Talk has accomplished this objective and we want it to continue to do so. In order to ensure this constructive environment, we are now asking that all users accept a new user agreement which generally covers the typical requests. However we are also asking in this agreement that users not post any messages that attack MasterCraft, its employees, its dealers or its competitors. Can you still talk about less than satisfactory experiences on Team Talk? Absolutely! We are simply asking you keep the criticism constructive and not resort to attacks. We feel this will keep the community positive for users and non-users alike who visit the site.

This leads to announcing the next improvement we have made to Team Talk and we are really excited about this. If you do have questions or suggestions regarding MasterCraft, we have put up a "Contacts Page" for you. This will give you a direct line to us and allow us to serve you better. The new Contacts Page has several categories to address a variety of needs and is very easy to use. We have put a lot of work into this page and hope that it will serve you well!

Thanks again for your support of Team Talk and we hope you continue to enjoy site!

Jason Boertje
Corporate Communications Manager

By accepting the terms laid out by MasterCraft’s Team Talk in order to use the message boards, I agree to the following:

I will not use profane or bigoted language when posting on Team Talk message boards
I will not post any obscene or pornographic photography on Team Talk message boards
I will not encourage or promote any group buy opportunities even if the desired company is an affiliate of MasterCraft
I will not post or participate in any board that defames MasterCraft, its employees, its dealers or its competition. Constructive criticism is acceptable but attacks on MasterCraft, its employees, its dealers or its competition will be dealt with swiftly