View Full Version : Dealer Props

07-02-2009, 11:51 AM
I am quick to blast dealers about cost of things.. I want to give mc boats in conway ar their due props for getting me back on the water for this weekend!! I text Nick on saturday afternoon about my boat quiting on me(fuel pump). He said bring it in monday or tuesday.. he said he had just sold the only fuel pump, he had for my boat, on friday. I took boat in monday afternoon about 4 pm.. he said fuel pump should be here by wed or so.. of course im sweating this answer because shipping stuff scares me when dates are involved. I text Nick tuesday afternoon around 3 pm( because i was worried about it being broke for holiday). He text me back and said they just got done with it!! What did you say???? went and got it tuesday afternoon and took it back to the lake... The cost would have been around 780.00 by the time all was said and done(which I would have complained about, but happily paid to have boat for july 4th)... How bout that extended warranty (68.00) is what it cost me... anyway, props to my dealer for "gittinerdone"..:D