View Full Version : My 240SC Lives.......new wires batts to coil

Matt L.
06-28-2009, 01:43 AM
At least in the driveway on the fake lake.

Thanks to all that helped with advice and pics here and there. I've been fighting ignition problems for 2 seasons now.

Distributor ate its self. Mallroy gave me a brand new Billit Dist for the price of a rebuild, there wasn't much left to rebuild on the old one. Cool, off to the lake.

Started and ran great until putting a load on it. Had no power. Traced that to corrosion in the cables only allowing 7.5 volts to get to the coil causing the Pertronix Ignitor II to malfunction. It needs at least 9.5 to run properly. Sent back to Pertronix and tested good(they have great customer service).

I'm now running AGM Deepcycle and Starting batteries with Diesel's dual battery relay setup and a Bluesea Mini battery cutoff switch (quite nice, much better than Perko).

All Marine Grade terminals, lugs, and wire, crimped, solidered, shrink wrapped (self sealing, and milspec on the battery cables).

I ran 2/0 AWG main battery cables and stepped up every wire I replaced at least one size bigger.

Cleaned, de-oxidized, and applied Deoxit gold to every electrical connection every where. This greatly improved the voltages coming back from the dash through the ignition circuit.

I'm now getting 13.5 V at the coil while running vs. 7.5 v before.

Took a bit of trial and error, and chasing voltages to get the relay, solenoid, and coil wiring right. Had to remove some left over wires that were feeding voltage back into the relay causing the dreaded never ending cranking when the ignition was on.

Fired up and ran great on the hose just as soon as the gas hit the carb.

Off to the local marine shop's dunk tank on MOnday after work. Just back it in enough to get the intake wet and push on the trailer to see if it has any guts. $50 to see if it has power beats a 2 hour drive to the lake to find out I'm wrong.

Thanks again,


06-29-2009, 07:13 PM
Terrific Matt, I'm not on this forum much (obviously) but if you need something email me(per the message I sent you). These 240SC are few and far between.