View Full Version : 2008 X-2 Transmission Problem??

06-27-2009, 07:00 AM
I was out cruising yesterday heading back to dock at about 25-30 MPH in a well-known track and on the proper side of the buoy. All of a sudden there was that sickening feeling and sound like when you hit a reef/rock. It caused us to jolt forward. I know that I was in a well-travelled area on the right side of the markers that I have travelled for several years.

There was the feeling of a vibration afterwards so we just limped it back to shore (idling in gear). When I pulled it out of the water I thoroughly inspected the prop, rudder, shaft and strut for damage. All were in perfect condition...absolutely no indication of a "strike" anywhere on those parts or on the fiberglass.

The only thing we noticed was that when we were inspecting the shaft, as we felt closer to where it enters the underside of the boat (away from the propeller) it got very hot...to the point that if you grabbed on you wouldn't be able to hold on for more than a couple of seconds. Is it normal for the shaft to get this hot?? We were only running the boat for about 1.5 hours at fairly low loads (surfing behind boat at 10 MPH). Then, as we limped back to shore we (as I stated) were idling in gear and that took about 15-20 minutes. No warnings came on the VDIG and the depth alarm never sounded.

Are there any ideas out there about what could cause such an event if it was not from hitting something? Has anyone heard of internal problems that could cause this?? :confused:


06-27-2009, 10:14 AM
That shaft should not get that hot. I'd look at the dripless shaft seal, work your way forward to the trans and see what's going on.