View Full Version : Aftermarket Stereo Options...HELP!!!

06-23-2009, 10:12 PM
Took the X10 into an aftermarket shop earlier today to look at some options for the boat. What kind of experiences do you all have with added subwoofers and amplifiers?

There are obviously 2 options...non-marine...or marine. Is marine a MUST? We are thinking of putting a single sub on the port side of the boat, under the glove compartment where there is quite a bit of room.

Has anyone had success using the stock 10" Clarion subwoofer, but just mounting it into a subwoofer box? Or do most just buy a higher-grade sub, capable of putting out more power?

Is water really an issue for a non-marine sub/amp under the glove compartment??? Or do things stay pretty dry in there? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks for your time ya'll! :)

06-24-2009, 08:07 AM
You should find plenty of posts on this subject and lots of people with tons of stereo experience. I'm working on my second stereo installation and have pretty much done both of mine to look as stock as possible. One reason is resale and the other is that I just don't need a massive stereo installation. I’ve found that for me a single 10” sub and a Wet Sounds Double Up speaker package (http://www.wetsounds.com/pages/products/double-up.html) on the tower to be more than enough of a sound system.

If you believe what the experts say marine rated is the way to go due to the wet environment the components will live in. Even under the glove box the gear will be exposed to more moisture than in say a car.

The level of bump you're looking for will determine how big you'll need to go. One thing to consider is that your stereo should be viewed as a system and that means that as you add or change components other components will also need to be upgraded or changed to properly support the upgrades which in turn will mean more money. Items like dual upgraded batteries, battery switches, isolators and upgraded alternators may be required to properly support a high end system.

In the end the direction you go will be determined by the level to which you want to upgrade your system and the reliability/quality you’re willing to pay for.