View Full Version : 75 S & S Running Rich

06-23-2009, 09:10 PM
My 75, 351 4 Bar. carb is running too rich. I have checked the jets for my elevation, changed out the power valve, new plug wires, new points, new plugs, timing adjustment, and cleaned the air filter. It also has very recent fuel filter and oil and filter change. I have a new dist. cap and that will be put on tonight. I have a good mechanic that has had the boat running sweet and that lasted for 3 trips and now she's smoking again. It has always run a little rich but this is too much and isn't normal. What am I missing? Too much fuel and not enough air? Is there enough ventilation in these old "dog houses" on these boats? Any and all suggestions appreciated. I love this old boat but I am falling out of love and feeling like I might need to go to a mid 90's unit. Please help me get back "that lovin feeling". Last bit of input, we are course skiers and last 2 times it did this was after we pulled a boarder at 19 mph, could this small amt of low rpm's lug it that much? The boarder is hot, but I don't know if she's worth the problems were are getting. Could be just a cowinkidink.