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05-21-2005, 10:27 AM
Has anyone ever seen or herd about an engine swap for a mastercraft, putting a new engine of the same size or bigger. inmar makes alot of engines that go in the new boats and i was wondering if they make a crate engine. also how bad is it for the boat to run in salt water.

05-21-2005, 10:35 AM
Engine swap, no big deal. If you go with a different size engine (I.e. 351 to a 454) you will have issues such as drivetrain, motor mounts, engine cover clearance, etc...

Salt water= tough on boats. A closed cooling system would make life a lot easier on things.

05-21-2005, 10:54 AM
You can buy engines from Indmar through a dealer that sells boats with Indmar motors. You won't get a MB or Supra/Moomba motor through a MC dealer and vice versa, but they are available. If you want a new EFI or TBI motor, you'll need to decide on how much the boat is worth, though. If the boat is worth $10K with the OEM drive system, dropping $6K-$8K will hardly be practical.

People change motors all the time, due to freezing/cracking, abuse, old age and performance upgrades. Whatever you decide to put in the boat, make sure it has great low end torque with a broad torque curve and can handle running at WOT. Car motors aren't usually as torquey as truck motors, but since there are performance parts out there, this can be dealt with.

You can also go to an engine remanufacturer for a replacement. Jasper sells marine motors, and if you are going to a GM motor, their warranty is good at any GM dealer, IIRC. The GM Performance Parts 350 Ramjet motor is 350 HP and 390 ft/lb of torque. It's set up to be run with an O2 sensor, but the ECM is the same as Indmar marine motors, so it may be possible to do a recal. I would need to make some calls about this since I don't know the specific differences between the regular EFI marine and the Ramjet.

If I wanted to run in salt water, I would definitely go with closed cooling. Period.

east tx skier
05-21-2005, 11:25 AM
Welcome, Robb. Jim has said it all. To get a basic idea on price, you can also look at Skidim.com. They're PCM rather than Indmar, but it'll give you something to look at.

05-21-2005, 11:23 PM
thanks for the quick reply. a few more questions: who will install the engine, is v drive gear box included, what king of modification is needed for a bigger engine than stock, please explain closed coolling system, does any one have any pictures of a set up like this, where could i get this locally. thanks for the help