View Full Version : TS190 Interior

04-27-2009, 11:14 AM
I am having a problem with the screws that hold the console and engine cover down are not tight on my 1990 Tristar. I know you guys do a lot of work to boats and wondered if you could tell me the best way to get these screw holes tight again?
Also, the pole that braces the windshield is missing. It screws to the dash and goes up to the corner of the windshield. Where can I get another one?
Any help is very much appreciated.

04-28-2009, 12:35 AM
The pole can be gotten at any overton's, boater's world, etc. The best way to fix the hold depends on what kind of material it is going back in. I filled the stripped holes on mine with an industrial epoxy and the automotive type fiberglass/kitty hair stuff, then re-drilled small hole for the screws to get back into. Time consuming, but nothing has pulled free either.

04-28-2009, 10:34 AM
the screws are going into fiberglass. thanks for the advise.

08-24-2009, 12:37 AM
I had the same problem with my floorboard holes. Used bigger screws and will epoxy and go back to smaller ones when these lose "bite". So far, so good.
btw, on your center windshield, what goes on the little round knobs(the "bumpers" that keep it off the left windshield when its open)? Thanks