View Full Version : 86 prostar w/water in bell housing

compass lakester
04-26-2009, 03:47 PM
As I was preparing my 86 for the winter, I was going to run it on the trailer before oil change and winterizing. The starter was acting up and I figured drained battery...tried to jump it with the truck but still clicks and no action. Tapped on the starter with a hammer and it turned over (a little slower than normal) but the engine came to life and started fine. There is a vent hole(?) in the rear of the bell housing just above where the starter is and the flywheel was spinning all sorts of cruddy water out of the bell housing. I removed the starter and it had all sorts of rust/sediment in it so I replaced it and I loosened the lower bolts on the bell housing shield to drain what water was still in there. I can't understand why there isn't a drain or vent to prevent condensation, but there is one in there now! Replaced the starter and it turns over better now than it ever did! Finished winterizing and put her to bed.

Pulled her out this weekend to prepare for a new season (cranked like a champ afrer a little priming the carb) and made arrangements with a mechanic friend to pull the motor and see if there was a freeze plug inside the bell housing that had rusted through. He had examined a 351 W on a stand since I talked to him and he called to let me know that there ISN'T a freeze plug on the back of that motor, only on the back of the heads, which are visible. In running it this weekend, no water or crud slinging up, all is well for now!

Anyone have any ideas as to the origin of this water? Condrnsation? Possible cracked block? As long as it behaves itself, I'm going to leave it alone but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Thanks in advance!