View Full Version : Prostar Switch Plate

04-06-2009, 10:18 PM
Well i made one today. Took only an hour. I was preaty happy. I didn't put ignition hole beacuse mine is an in line fuse....I'm still going out for prices. This one is made of aluminum.

04-06-2009, 10:20 PM
found a product that has stick ons. going to get some tomorrow.

04-06-2009, 10:49 PM
Where did you get the materials? Also how did you cut the switch holes?


04-07-2009, 12:46 AM
1/8" alum plate...found it at an industrial hardware store. $16.00 for a piece 12x12". I used a mini grinder...and some filling. You could also drill lots of holes and file it smooth. Not hard just time. I'm going to get prices for both alum. and plexi gloass and have them cut on a cnc machine. When i do i'll post some prices..