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04-03-2009, 05:10 PM
1992 Prostar 205

The alarm buzzer is constantly going off. The only thing I have done is change the oil since the last time I cranked the boat 2 weeks ago. The oil level is a little on the high side if that makes a difference. The alarm is going off with just the key on without the boat running, and with the boat running, even after letting the boat run and the oil pressure come up. The temp gauge is not even reading yet because the engine is not hot, but I am feeding the engine with a water hose and did take the cover off the impeller to make sure the water was getting to it to circulate (I then put it back on of course). Voltage guage is reading 11.5 after a min. of running, started at 10 when I cranked the boat because I had the radio playing all day while cleaning the boat.

Can you please let tell me what this might be, and what all this alarm sounds for so I can narrow it down, and also where this alarm is located and where is the sensor that feeds this alarm. Thanks.

04-04-2009, 02:48 PM
Had the same issue and it turned out to be my temp sensor had gone bad. Alarm will sound if it feels there is a 'high temperature' condition.

Also had the same issue, prior to replacing temp sensor, when thermostat had gone bad, not allowing engine to cool enough between sets. Once thermostat was replaced, alarm condition was eliminated.

Running a little high on oil shouldn't hurt anything...

Best of luck