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03-23-2009, 11:33 AM
Warning: These are CVR's. The real deal. If you have a hard time listening to stuff like this, don't listen. Unlike some older CVR's that have made their way to the net, these are pretty clear.

For those not familiar, in 2006 an american business jet flight crew picked up a brand new Embraer Legacy in Brazil at the manufacturer. They were ferrying the aircraft home. It was operated by a NY based management company. Onboard were management types from this company, the 2 pilots, Embraer employees, and a journalist doing a story on business aviation.

On the GOL 737 were 155 people on an airline flight.

The Legacy crew lost contact with Brasilia while enroute at their cleared altitude. They never re-established contact, but were attempting to do so. Unknown to them was the fact that their transponder had been turned off. This rendered onboard TCAS resolution between the two aircraft useless. There was an altitude change that needed to take place, and an opposite direction GOL 737 was also at the same level on the same airway. Without ATC contact and TCAS, disaster was imminent. Both crews were obviously heads down with a closure of over 1000mph.

The Legacy's left winglet sliced the bottom of the 737's left wing mid span. The wing folded and broke. There was also some superficial damage to the Legacy's left horizontal stab tip. The Legacy made a successful emergency landing, minus the winglet. The 737 disintegrated in the ensuing tumbling overspeeding descent from FL370.

The American flight crew was eventually detained in Brazil with their passports revoked until they agreed to return at a later time for trial or some such thing. They were stuck there for quite some time.

If you are a pilot, or know a pilot, and learn from stuff like this, then carry on.

I would guess these won't be posted for much longer.


Go there, at the top of page you'll see 3 links. THe first one is a vanityfair article - kinda useless.

Right click the 2nd two links and select save target as.

One is the 737, the other is the Legacy.

On the 737 Tape (not in english) listen from 29:15 till the end. The first 30 minutes is mostly chit chat, and doesn't contribute to what happened ultimately.

On the American tape - listen from 1:23:30. The Legacy's CVR is 2 hrs long. The content prior to the marker I just mentioned is actually relavent, because it provides insight into what was - or wasn't - going on in the front office.

I used windows media player and just dragged the bar at the bottom to move around the recording.

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