View Full Version : Tristar Owners, I have a trailer question.

03-18-2009, 09:16 AM
I posted a link on here about 4 months or so about Tristar trailers. I was unsure whether or not to build/buy a single or tandem axle trailer.

Well I built myself a single axle trailer and I am ready to install the bunks. My question is, could someone measure the distance between the bunks at the front and rear of the trailer. Also looking for the distance from the frame to the top of the wood on the bunks. (Clearance for prop, stabilizer fins etc.) Also wondering if the bunks are flat or raised in the front lowered in the rear and if they are tapered or parallel.

If someone with some knowledge of Tristar trailers could take a few minutes and get some measurements, that would be a huge help.